Embarking on a Transformative Third Season and Introducing ‘Trauma is Expensive©

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Trauma is Expensive – The Podcast

Micah Bravery

“Season 3 of #TheseFukkenFeelings and new #TraumaIsExpensive Podcast: Deepening dialogues on mental health and healing.”

Season 3 and ‘Trauma is Expensive©” – The Podcast are about breaking silences and sharing journeys towards healing.”

— Micah Bravery, Founder, These Fukken Feelings Podcast

COHOES , NY , USA, November 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the ever-evolving landscape of mental health and emotional wellness, the These Fukken Feelings Podcast has been a beacon of hope and understanding. As it launches its third season on November 1, 2023, this award-winning podcast continues to break new ground, not only by introducing an enriching new season but also by unveiling its latest initiative, the Trauma is Expensive podcast.

Season 3: A New Chapter in Emotional Exploration

Season 3 of These Fukken Feelings Podcast marks a significant leap forward. With its move to a state-of-the-art studio, the podcast enhances its audio quality and diversifies its content delivery, including a new live streaming feature on YouTube. This upgrade represents the podcast’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and audience engagement.

This season’s lineup is more dynamic than ever, featuring a mix of in-studio guests and celebrity appearances, bring their unique perspective, adding depth to the conversations. These guest appearances are carefully curated to enrich the podcast’s narrative, providing listeners with a diverse range of insights and experiences.

Rebecca and Crystal rejoin the team, injecting new energy into the podcast. Their roles are crucial in shaping the direction and tone of the show. Rebecca’s empathetic approach to discussing mental health topics and Crystal’s innovative production skills ensure that each episode is not only informative but also engaging and relatable.

Micah Bravery, the podcast’s founder and a beacon of inspiration, continues to steer the show with his personal experiences and insights. His upcoming book, “Love Beyond the Battle: Whispers of Sacrifice,” is a significant addition to the podcast’s content, offering listeners an intimate look into his journey and the lessons learned along the way.

Introducing ‘Trauma is Expensive’

In a bold and innovative move, the team behind These Fukken Feelings Podcast is launching a new series, “Trauma is Expensive” – The Podcast. The genesis of this podcast came from a guest’s misheard comment from Jonathan Niziol, one of the notable guests, in Season 3, sparking the idea to explore the often-unseen costs of trauma.

Set to launch on January 1, 2024, “Trauma is Expensive” – The Podcast is designed to be a concise yet profound exploration into the effects of trauma. The episodes, while brief, are packed with insights and strategies for understanding and healing from trauma. This format is intentionally crafted to fit seamlessly into the listener’s daily life, whether during a morning commute, a coffee break, or a quiet evening at home.

The new podcast aims to break the silence surrounding trauma, providing a platform for stories and discussions that are often left unspoken. It’s a journey into the heart of what it means to carry, confront, and eventually overcome the burdens of the past.

Continued Engagement and Expansion

While awaiting the launch of “Trauma is Expensive,” -The Podcast, These Fukken Feelings Podcast continues its regular programming with new episodes every Wednesday. These episodes are a testament to the podcast’s commitment to providing ongoing support and engagement with its audience. The discussions are raw, honest, and often deeply personal, offering listeners a sense of connection and understanding.

The introduction of “Trauma is Expensive” -The Podcast while maintaining the original podcast’s schedule reflects the team’s dedication to expanding its reach and impact. It’s a move that not only broadens the scope of their work but also deepens the level of engagement with their audience.

A Legacy of Impact and Recognition

The acclaim and recognition These Fukken Feelings Podcast has received are a testament to its impact. Being named the 2023 People’s Choice Podcast Award winner for Best Health Podcast is just one of the many accolades the podcast has earned. Its ranking among the top health and fitness podcasts on platforms like Apple Podcasts highlights its widespread appeal and the trust it has garnered from its audience.

This recognition is not just about numbers and awards; it’s a reflection of the podcast’s ability to touch lives and make a difference in the mental health community. The stories shared, the discussions sparked, and the insights offered have resonated with listeners around the globe, fostering a sense of community and support.

The Road Ahead

Looking to the future, the team behind These Fukken Feelings Podcast© and “Trauma is Expensive© – The Podcast” is focused on expanding their influence and reach. The goal is to create a global conversation around mental health, bringing together a diverse array of stories, experiences, and expertise.

This expansion is not limited to podcast episodes. The team envisions incorporating different formats and platforms, such as video content, webinars, and live events, to engage with their audience in new and innovative ways. This approach aligns with their mission to make mental health discussions more accessible and relatable to people from all walks of life.

Stay Connected

As both podcasts continue to grow and evolve, listeners are encouraged to stay connected through the respective websites and social media channels. These platforms provide updates, sneak peeks, and additional content that complement the podcast episodes.

For more information about These Fukken Feelings Podcast and “Trauma is Expensive” – The Podcast, or to engage with their vibrant communities, visit traumaisexpensive.com and fukkenfeelings.com. You can also reach out directly to Sebastian Moorel at +1 646-664-6899 or [email protected].

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