Corridor Coffee Club Receives Grant Towards Supporting Independent Coffee Shops and Roasters

Independent coffee shops and roasters are getting a marketing boost through the work of Corridor Coffee Club and their recently awarded grant.

WOODSTOCK, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2024 / — Corridor Coffee Club is excited to announce that it has received a small business grant from the Cherokee Office of Economic Development’s (COED) Launchpad Bootcamp program following their participation in the second cohort of the Launch Pad Program. The program is a collaboration between the Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED) and HatchBridge Incubator‘s partnership with Kennesaw State University. This marks a significant achievement for Corridor Coffee Club and underscores the innovative efforts they are making to support small businesses in Cherokee County and beyond.

With the grant, Corridor Coffee Club plans to continue building its mobile application, increase its social media presence, and extend its marketing outreach across the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. The application has launched with a small number of coffee shops in the I-575 area with plans to extend the program throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area with a goal of including 50-60 locations by year’s-end. In the words of the owner, Gerald Griffith, “The mission of Corridor Coffee Club is to help coffee lovers experience great coffee while supporting independent coffee shops and roasters who lack the marketing and advertising advantages of big chains.”

Independent coffee shops and roasters often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing while coffee drinkers have shown a distinct preference for independent coffee shops and roasters. Unfortunately, independent coffee shops don’t have the unlimited budgets of major chains to put towards massive buildouts and extensive marketing campaigns. The largest coffee chain in the area operates more than 270 locations with revenue of nearly $300 Million dollars compared to less than $70 Million generated by independent coffee shops and roasters.

The Corridor Coffee Club uses what it calls “Collective Marketing” which means they focus on promoting independent coffee shops and roasters collectively. One of the best features of their program is their ability to offer independent coffee shops and roasters access to their program at no cost. The program is fully funded through the sale of their Digital Coffee Passport Card which provides cardholders access to FREE COFFEE every month at participating locations.

Coffee shops and roasters that join the program early, are being rewarded with free coffee sleeves, featured social media postings, and other complimentary benefits aimed at encouraging coffee drinkers to bypass the big chains and support independent coffee shops and roasters.

About the Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED): The Cherokee Office of Economic Development’s Launchpad program is designed to support the growth and development of emerging local businesses. This initiative is part of a broader partnership with Kennesaw State University’s HatchBridge Incubator program, which aims to nurture business innovation in the Atlanta suburbs.

About HatchBridge Incubator: HatchBridge Incubator is a community facing business studio helping local entrepreneurs to experiment, launch, and grow in the Atlanta suburbs. HatchBridge partners with Kennesaw State University and nearby economic development offices to provide startup programming as a catalyst of the Georgia startup ecosystem.

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