Sleep Junkie, trusted by researchers and sleep enthusiasts seeking authoritative sleep advice each year, announces its highly anticipated list of the top Memorial Day Mattress Sales. The sale starts now and runs through May 27, with an extended period until June 3.

Cooling technology incorporated into mattress materials can improve sleep quality for individuals in warmer climates or prone to overheating. Dr. Miho Tanaka, a Stanford-educated orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine injuries, has served as a physician for numerous professional and semi-professional sports teams. Dr. Tanaka explains, "A randomized trial has shown that cooling the body can improve sleep quality, particularly for those in warm environments." For sleepers who struggle with snoring or require extra support, Dr. Jordan Burns notes, "Studies have shown that memory foam mattresses, like the Amerisleep AS3, provide support to maintain a neutral spinal alignment for side sleepers to help alleviate snoring." Dr. Burns is an Indiana-based chiropractor with a penchant for helping patients with pain relief.

2024 Memorial Day Savings:

  • Up to $500 off advanced memory foam mattresses
  • Adjustable bed and mattress bundles at discounted prices
  • 20% savings on premium bedding accessories, including pillows and sheet sets

Join the million+ readers who have benefited from Sleep Junkie's comprehensive reviews and find the best deals for your specific sleep needs. Discover the latest in sleep technology and access these savings during the Memorial Day sales event.

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