Vladimir Kush Presents His New Artwork ‘Matrix of Religion’

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Jan 5, 2022

World-renowned artist Vladimir Kush presents his latest artwork “Matrix of Religion” in a very Limited-Edition Print (#33) on Sublimation on Metal, size 32″x39″. This artwork comprehends a compilation of the artist’s paintings with a theme in common including his sold-out editions “Divine Geometry” and “Last Supper.” The artwork was unveiled to the public in Kush’s Gallery in Laguna Beach, California, this past December while celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Kush Fine Art among clients and collectors. 

“Matrix of Religion” encompasses eight different paintings by the artist showcasing the shape of a fish that divides the space of the composition and forms the central part of the picture. Fish or Ichthys (Ίχθύς – Greek) – is an ancient acronym (monogram) of the name of Jesus Christ, consisting of the initial letters of the words: Ἰησοὺς Χριστὸς Θεoὺ  Υιὸς Σωτήρ (Jesus Christ the Son of God the Savior). This shape can also be interpreted as an eye looking at the world (the sunflower as the pupil of the eye). In the center – the “Last Supper” – stands for the center of human (Christian) history. The moment of the end of the Old Testament and the conclusion of the New Testament. Above to the center, we find “Above the World” The Rio de Janeiro statue is playing the role of Christ, as an actor on stage, embracing and revealing the beauty of the world. Lines of the tree symbolize time. Below is “Divine Geometry” – an image of how God works about the world He created. In this painting, the artist shows the boundaries and measurements of the Earth’s night. The top right is “Comet Halley” – The falling comet symbolizes the coming judgment on humanity, after which a new world will begin. On the bottom right “Book of Books”– Every page of the Book is the faith and the destiny of the people. The “Walnut of Eden” in the upper left is the beginning of the world, the beginning of human relations and love between people. The encapsulated shell is a symbol of the Garden of Eden. It represents paradise. The walnut tree symbolizes the beginning and continuing of life. Under the Walnut is the “Eye of the Needle” – There is a well-known biblical expression that says it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Represented by “Shine of Gold” The symbol of apostatic humanity is a golden calf, here a spider, and people are in a hurry to be drawn into these networks. Geometrically, the tail of the fish is like its body on the contrary, what lies outside of an inverted, perverted understanding of life. 

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Source: Kush Fine Art Gallery

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